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Cloth diapers at discount prices! 

OrangeStarfish is proud to offer a wide selection of gently used and new cloth diapers, diaper covers and other diapering items at affordable prices.

Prices are in US dollars.


The condition of the various products are rated;

  • new (never washed or worn),
  • like new (just washed),
  • excellent (next to new),
  • great (perfect working order),
  • good (minimal wear),
  • ok (functional--not fancy).

    All cloth diapering products have no stains, rips or tears unless mentioned in the description.

This is a great opportunity to try different cloth diapers / nappies and covers without committing to three dozen of one kind; to only find out later they don't work for your baby.

Enjoy our wonderful selection of fitted cloth diapers (WAHM cloth diapers, MotherEase, Kushies), all in one diapers (AIO /AI2- no cover required), cloth diaper covers (Bummis, Featherlites, Stacinator, Nikky, wool soakers) hemp doublers / fleece liners and other great diapering products for your baby (Snappis, natural diaper rash salve ).

We have one of the best assortment of WAHM-made cloth diapers /diaper covers on the internet. You can buy all your favorite cloth diapers in on place to save on shipping. All for less than retail and without the worry of bidding too high or losing at an auction site. Also, you never have to wait for your diapering items to be made--they're always in stock.

If there's a particular cloth diapering item you're looking for please feel free to send us a request, and we'll notify you when the item arrives. We also have a happy return policy just to be certain you're satisfied.

Your order will be confirmed within 24-hours.




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